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An author event program is organised by the Blues Point Bookshop with over 150 authors participating over many years. It is a program that thrives on community participation and discussion. Our event history is acclaimed and diverse. To join the Blues Point Bookshop event mailing list, email

Upcoming Events

Previous Events

  • Kate Grenville

  • Michael Kirby

  • Andrew Robb

  • Annabel Crabb

  • Leigh Sales

  • Scott Bevan

  • Trent Dalton

  • Tim Winton

  • Wendy Whiteley

  • Chris Cleave

  • Chris Manfield

  • Favell Parret

  • Gail Obrien

  • Maggie Beer

  • Hugh Mackay

  • John Howard

  • Lian Moriarty

  • Mark Tedeschi

  • Richard Glover

  • Dervla Mctiernan

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